Monday, January 09, 2012


Know the problem with human?

They are not helpful at all. So many stopped to look at the accident but none stepped out to voice out. None came out as a witness.

Everyone is afraid of trouble, having to record statement and whatsnot. If this happened to you, and the one who was involved in the accident was your next of kin, how would you feel knowing that so many saw yet no one came forward.

"Aiya, also not my problem. So busy body for what?"

Not your problem then whenever there's some accident, why do you even slow down to peek at what happened?

It is this selfish mindset that humans have. When a life was lost and all they could do was to keep their mouth shut and avoid unnecessary trouble.

Except for the kind soul who recorded the video of the pothole. He even came to and saying that he is willing to help, anytime and gave me his contact so that I could give it to the lawyers.

I am not particularly referring to just this accident. I believe this is the same for all the cases out there. Trust me, if it's me, I would behave exactly like what the kind soul did.

Yes, no one is obliged to help. No one owe me anything. But you will never understand unless something similar happens to you as well.

Selfish, cowardly human beings. I am not afraid of offending the world since I can't bring Adel back anymore.