Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gambling den

Gambling den at Qi's place last night.
I love her place because there are 3 dogs in her house!
Too bad, the puppies were upstairs sleeping.
Only had Lucky, the golden retriever. Love him still!

11 legs, played for nearly 5hours and thank god, didn't lose any.
Everyone stayed near her place so they came in home clothes except me :/

Did a bit of shopping before that.

When I left for home this morning, I nearly got tailed by a sickening pervert.
God damn it. Don't wanna go home at such timings again.

Can never understand why some people love commenting at stuffs before getting facts right.
Yes, Mr/Ms Know-It-All. No doubt. I am refering to you.
The one who left a I-know-everything comment regarding the giveaway in my Formspring.


It's Ren Ri today. Chu 7.
Happy birthday everyone!

Tomorrow is the last day for the giveaway.
Remember to join in! ;)