Monday, January 02, 2012

New year eve

Shopping, BBQ, Games, Movies, Sleepover with the lovers.
Ice Wine, Dessert Wine, White Wine, Bacardi Breezer.

Changed into home clothes.
I have very a flexible face. HAHA

Remember me saying that I wanna get this?

A little different, but it can still bring out the same feel.
When I thought that it was quite a steal, Only $35 :O
Meryl bought it after me and the lady only charged her $30.
I hate salesperson like this because I only bought it 1minute before her.
NVM, because it's Meryl. She's my mehmehgirl.

Shoes, clothes & bags.
Women, they can never get enough of them.

You're so cute. I think I am in love with you.

Happy new year Adel.