Friday, January 27, 2012

Requested : I know you miss her too

Requested in Formspring.

Adel is one very independent child.
She started working part time at the age of 17 because she wants to play.

To her, working part time is like knowing more friends and she gets to spend more time outside.
If you ask her friends, you would know that she is one very bubbly girl.

One of her 'bad' point is that she loves to talk/ask NONSENSE to people whom she is comfortable with. But it is also because of this, people find her funny and easy to talk to. She gets along with people well, unlike me.

So many friend of hers turned up at the wake during the 3 days.
Primary school, Secondary school so on and so forth.
Especially her colleagues and supervisors, everyone came after work in their uniform.
I can't forget the sight.

I really miss this bubble sister of mine.
I miss laughing with her on the bed.

I miss her take videos/photos of me when I am asleep.
Sometimes she does this, laughed like mad at the picture and woke me up to look at what she had done.
Crazy little sister.

Please be fine wherever you are.
Dad dreamt of us last night.
You, me and bro. We were wearing paper boat hats and painting the walls with him.
(We were only 6-7 years old in his dream)
All we ever want was just a happy family.

I don't understand why god had to take you away from us.