Friday, January 20, 2012


Looking at the comments in my formspring by people after reading my blog gives me teary eyes. Even as a total stranger, he/she could totally relate to my pain.

The thing is, how will the law deal with the people/company who is/are responsible for the pothole?

Don't you think that it is pretty easy for them to just pay a sum (small sum to them) of money and just get over it?

Say, IF the ones responsible are from the government department?

Just because we are just some minor peasants in Singapore, it doesn't mean that our life is worth lesser.

Honestly, I can't find peace at all. I want justice done. I want justice done for my sister's death. For my parent's loss.

I blame everyone responsible, those who played a part in her death. I hate them. Fucking hate them to the core. But when I see jx (driver of the integer), I can't bring myself to blame him. Afterall, the main cause was the pothole. It was what which triggered the accident FIRST. I don't even know how did I get all the courage to give him a tight slap during the wake and got all reported. Over grieving I suppose. But that doesn't mean I can forgive him either. I don't rule out the fact that he was speeding (confirmation after the report is out).

I'm just so fucking lost. I can do alot of shopping, watch alot of movies, eat all my favorite food, but deep down I am just so fucking lost.

Is this just some joke from 'just for laughs'? Or a terrible drama showing in the television?

The title should be 'A family tragedy'

Waiting for the next season to be out. I hope it's 'Karma'. Otherwise, 'Retribution' will do just good too.