Friday, January 06, 2012

Show us your efficiency

My mom woke up crying in the middle of the night.

We received a call from DBS at 10.45PM last night looking for Adeline Sim Sin Ee.
I know about the DBS/POSB case. I watch the news.

But the weird thing is don't they have records that she had already passed on when we cancelled all her cards?

Aren't they aware that it is nearly 11pm, and people could be sleeping already?
Does DBS staffs really work till this late?

Anyway, I find the whole thing suspicious.
They ought to know that Adel had already departed from this world.
& why even ask for the card numbers on her cards?

Because of this call, my mom couldn't sleep.
She was reminded of Adel again.
When she finally fell asleep, She woke up 30minutes later crying.

It's the pain inside each and everyone of us in the family.

A colleague of hers dreamt of her and sent me a message :

In my dream, I was waiting for lift & she appeared standing next to me looking at me with a friendly gesture.
She was wearing a dark color top either a grey or black color cardigan & was carrying her LV speedy bag.
In my Dream, I was aware that she has passed on but asked her,

1. How's she is doing now?
2. Does she knows what exactly happen on e day of accident?
3. Was she smoking with her window down at that point of time?

She merely looked at me with no acknowledgement for the above questions asked.