Sunday, February 26, 2012

Double DM date

Warning : Heavy on Pictures!

Last minute decision to visit the park with DMDM :)

Whoever said that only money can make you happy should eat his own words.
Yes, money makes life a lot easier and happier,
but some simple things in life can't be bought with cash.

But perhaps for Roven, stepping out of house is a torture.

This angmoh was trying to trick her little daughter into touching Roro.

Happy family.

Where's Mommy?

Good friends are not those who meet up everyday but those who keep each other in the heart.

Had wanted to try the new slide which was built at the pyramid but...... *read further
My big butt and the ugly blue black.

Mr skinny rubber man. Mr D.

Some irresponsible daddy left his kid at the front of the slide,
I couldn't stop in time because I don't wanna hurt the kid by stretching my legs out to brake and I fell to the ground and landed on my butt. DAMN PAIN.

I look like a midget beside him because he is >1.81m -.-

Roby, Loby, Loti, loti loti!

Let me go, let me go!!

"I'm not walking unless you hand me back to mommy!"

An aunty walking infront.

So thirsty.

Miss mehmeh & Mr Dalton.

Miss Broom is my middle name.


I am the boss! #likeaboss

*hide hide*

Hiding his tummy behind me.

Let's play the blinking game.
I won because Roven blinked first! :D


Do I look like I am in some farm plucking strawberries?

This DSLR gives me clear skin. HEHEHE :P *I don't photoshop my pictures.

The 4 of us bought Mcdonalds and ate by the beach.
Sent Roven home and drove off to IMM for some light shopping.

I look like a lion. ROAR.


This is the last try.
This is the last chance.
This is going to be the last shot.