Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm a bitch

Would appreciate it if you people can stop asking questions about me and Marvin.

It still hurt me a lot and everything is very unfair to B.

He did me wrong. Very wrong. I sacrificed a lot in our relationship.
Without me, he's nothing.

What he needed was a girl, a little woman who would be soft and weak but I was never one. I am strong headed and stubborn. I can't be that little woman because I have strong opinions

For the past few years, he was driving my car, spending most of my money and etc.
His family and him knows it best, how I treated him, how I gave in, and all the time that I stayed by him despite all the wrongs that he had done. He knelt down, I thought he would change, but things just got worst. The hurt and the damages were beyond what I could take.

I know a lot of friends are very curious about what happened. I hope you people can stop being so kaypoh. If you know it, you know, if you know nothing, don't dig, because it is none of your business.

I had already made a police report against him. All for his own good. He can only blame his so called 'brothers' and himself. A Military Police Regular should have integrity and take pride in his work. Not like this. I really hope he will learn from this.

5-6 years of relationship is not nothing.

That's all you guys have to know. Give me a break. No more M from now onwards.

I have to be fair to B.