Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sarcasm is sweet

This is actually something quite personal.

***This happened just last year.

What do you do if you had a very good friend whom you can call a brother since 10years ago? The both of you can go shopping together and meet up for meals. And when help is needed, you will offer help unconditionally?

And things just changed when he became a compulsive drinker. He brought your guy and a few friends to Thai pub/disco at least once a week. And oh btw, he got hooked up with a Thai girl as well of course. Instead of repaying you for helping him in the past, he did huge damages to you.

Can you still call him a bro when he exposed your boyfriend to these and perhaps even got him a thai girl? What about all the good friends 10 years ago? Long gone. I will never forgive him so long as I'm breathing.

The coward don't even dare to pick up or reply messages from me & bro-in-law.

Know what the Thai girls in Thai pubs are for? Hooking up guys who can pay for their everything. And if they're lucky, they might get to marry one of them and become a Singapore citizen. And why do the guys here visit Thai pubs, because they can't get a proper girlfriend in Singapore. (oh come on, admit it) having a girl in their arm boost up their confidence. It is so fucking pathetic that I feel like dropping a tear from them. ;)

People may find me overreacting, but they shouldn't, because they don't know the full story. The truth is 10x worst than this.

Hi, I hope the next time round you get to kiss, make out or even have sex, i pray that she's a transvestite. Woah. Perhaps that would be the biggest drama in your entire life. Hahahaha. Kiss hard, take off clothes and go "OMGGGG Y U HAVE PENIS? SAME AS ME???!!!

At the same time, I'm quite amazed by my friend, D.L of his strong willpower. :) not everyone is as hopeless afterall. Restore faith in humanity!!

*I can reveal name and photos of the coward if you want yo. Cause I'm bitchy just like that. Most of my friends should be smart enough to know who though.

And you? Coward. Don't wanna reply? Escaping from the problem? You don't even have the right to be mad at this entry, look at who's the coward first.