Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Shopping with Uni mates

Hello! We're at the second month of 2012 now.
10 more months to the end of the world. You think so? Nahhhhh.

Ignore the tummy and messy hair. I just untied my hair from a pony tail.

iPhone's front camera, hence, low quality :(

My pretty melayu baby friend. Hahahaha.

Best friends in school.

My feet got so tired from the killer height platform shoe so I had to get another pair of slipper from Town.
From All the little thing she needs (I think).

Pretty shoe makes me happy!

One last picture before I bath.

Hello Kitty Chocolate Pops!

My parents & friends have been complaining that I lost a lot of weight and my face look so bony now = Scary & ugly.

I don't photoshop my pictures so what you see is what is me.
Is it really? I don't think so! Which part of it is bony?

Checked my weight and it is still the same as last month.
No weight lost what. What's with the drastic change?
It's like, suddenly, people started to tell me that out of nowhere.


I think I look normal & my face is far from bony. What about you?
Honest opinions please~ :'(