Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The snake tattoo

Adel's boyfriend went to tattoo a snake from his left chest to his shoulder with her name inside.

Snake because adel was born in the year of snake. He said he want to remember Adel forever.

As time goes by, I can no longer bring myself to blame him for what had happened. In fact, I couldn't really bring myself to blame him after the wake as well.

It was an accident. The pothole was the main cause of it. It was the trigger.

I am glad that Adel was truly loved by this man as well other than her family members during her stay on earth.

So many stuffs happened lately. If she's here, she would have taught me what to do. I need a talk with her. I need her to appear in my dream.

Before everything happened, a beautiful butterfly flew into the house and stayed for more than 12 hours. We could even touch it. Everyone said it was a warning. She might be here for a purpose. Said bye to it when I woke up the next day for school and something happened that very night.

If you know about my place, you would know that it is not possible for a butterfly to fly all the way up.

I am so tired. I am not a superwoman.