Saturday, February 11, 2012

What type of Singaporean are you?

Ever ask yourself what type of Singaporean are you?

Are you the typical, "aiya, take it easy lah" or the "wah, got sales, I must chiong there now" kind of Singaporean? (of course, these 2 are not the only results)

"It's My Turn" is a simple online quiz that analyses your personality to find out "What kind of Singaporean you are?" If you find the first result not-so-accurate and it does not describe you well, you can take the quiz all over again. There are different personalities to describe all the different people in Singapore.

1. Go to the web "It's My Turn".
2. Login via Facebook (to see your results. don't worry, it won't be publish on your wall if you didn't pick that option)
3. Take the quiz.
4. Check your results!

As easy as ABC. There are only 10 questions in the quiz and it will only take you no more than 3 minutes to complete it.

So, I took the quiz...

Aren't the options cute? LOL! When people are fighting, and you go "We are Singapore.........." and in your heart, you're pray for them to realise that we're one nation. Stop the fight!

and this is my result!

Take it easy - Chill first, Worry later - VERY ME! *Wink

Why so? Because I have the tendency to leave things till the very last minute. Enjoy my life away first. I'll always go, "Take it easy yo, I still have 2 weeks left" and I'll start to panic when I am only left with 5days to complete and assignment. I believe this is what most Singaporean do as well right? Our very bad habit!

Visit "It's My Turn", take the quiz and share your results with me now! :D