Friday, March 09, 2012

100th day

Today is her 100th day.

After her accident, M's incident, I remember sitting on the floor, at one corner of the house with my back resting on the wall crying alone at home. Dad came home unexpected and shouted at me. Asking me to brace myself up. Telling me not to be so dumb and weak. Show the world, bastard, his family and friends who helped him, led him astray I am not some weak girl.

I wailed louder telling him I lost too many things in such a short period of time. I can't take it. Why should I endure this kind of pain?

He hugged me. Told me '爸爸看到你这样,我跟痛。妹妹不在了我根需要保护你' with tears in his eyes. He's the type of strong man who wouldn't cry no matter what happened. But he cried like mad over Adel at her wake, and me, because his heart hurt to see me behave this way.

It was then, I realized how unfilial I was. I immediately stop all the crying and told myself that I will be strong for my parents. I was a lot stronger than I actually know. Am really glad. No obstacles is too hard for me to take. 5-6yrs of relationship? Fuck it, nothing's greater than the love of family.

I always thought I will fail my previous semester in university because I couldn't study after her departure. But thank god, I passed. I didn't do very well but at least, I didn't have to repeat any module.

& adel, the last photo she took for me before she left - my backview. It was an epic day. I actually poured a cup of bubble tea into her label bag. Hahaha.

I want her back. Will do anything for it.

How are you sister?