Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Mind was too occupied with school reports, police report, Bby and the inhuman Marvin's matter that I forgot about the pain of losing Adel. The last time I cried over her was probably last week because I wiped her photo I took back from the wake.

I forgot she's not here anymore. I thought she's just out of town. Till today, someone told me that my family is in the papers again. Quite a big page. Got bby to buy the paper and whatsapp me the content. I couldn't read any sentence without crying. Will do a translation to English for the article tonight.

If not for the article in the papers, I'll never know that my dad secretly kept a picture of Adel in his wallet. 好痛. 好想她, 沈欣仪.

Nothing's too tough for you Maybeline, for the toughest is Adel's accident. Marvin was a joke. He will get his punishment. Wait and see. As compared to Adel's departure, his matter seems so insignificant suddenly. I need to bear this in mind.