Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Before knowing the story :

Friend 1 : So sorry to hear this sis. You will find a better one.
Friend 2 : It is such a waste. 5-6years of relationship. I always thought that you guys would have a fruitful ending. Hope you guys will be together again.
Friend 3 : No more chances?

After knowing the story :

Friend 1 : WTF. If I knew it earlier I'll scold the hell out of him.
Friend 2 : KNNCCB. I feel so angry for you. Always thought he's a kind friend. You can't tell from his looks.
Friend 3 : Eh, fuck it. Don't you dare turn back.
Forum : Trust a DB kia, never trust a MP.

I believe most of my friends should either know half-3/4 of the story already. Only 1 or 2 knows the full content.

Honestly, You should go and take part in some actor competitions. You'll be the champion for sure. No professional or acting classes needed. Look at how you fooled the entire world with that innocent and honest look of yours.

Look why can SAF still hire you for the past few years? Because of your professional acting skills. Military Police leh or Mediacorp actor? You just destroyed the images of some MPs in the public's mind.

1. Gambling never stops for you - ILLEGAL gambling to be exact.
2. Always end up in 5 digit debts - Even after me/your family helped you to clear them everytime.
3. Clear and declare NOT IN DEBTS to SAF.
4. Illegal prostitution - Counted anot ah? Girls with no work permit. Illegal right?
5. 'Stole my family's car' during CNY day 1 to ferry the girls here and there when I clearly said No driving on that day because my dad needs the car to bai nian Without consent - or rather, Consent not given. Regarded as what? Theft? Another term?
6. Got my car into an accident at some hotel districts. Didn't tell my family about it, got his dad to bend the damages back and both of them keep dumb about it until the other party claimed my dad's insurance.
7. Always faking MC to SAF to buy more time to ferry the girls, or go round borrowing $.
8. Compulsive drinker - no $ still can drink like F and end up in debts again.
9. Always spending my money

10. Stole and emptied my cards twice. Stole younger brother's NSmen pay. Stole sister's $XXX cash on her table and ran away. Left all the credit card bills and money lender's letters on mom's table.

Love is blind indeed. After all his dirty deeds were exposed, love's gone. With love gone, I actually braced myself up to look at all the stuffs he had done for the past few years. FUCKING STUPID of me to standby and stick to a man like this.

Took me 5-6years to look at this man. But it is always better than spending another 30-40 years with this wrong guy. 吃软饭only!

So people, stop telling me that he is better looking than B or paikia face or what. If you can judge someone just by looking at his face, pigs can fly. Isn't M one good example? Even his name Marvin was given by me. oh, he don't allow me to wear platform shoes because I will look as tall as him lol.

B is going to be different. I know it.