Friday, March 23, 2012

Body Contours

Went for a spa facial at Body Contours on Wednesday.

It was my virgin facial because I never had one in my entire life because I always felt that "my face is clean and etc". Just another lazy excuse. yadah yadah.

The consultant advised me to do extracting because according to her, I have visible pors.

Anyway, the whole facial was very relaxing. Changed into the robe, and lied down on the thermal bed. Almost fell asleep with the soothing music.

The cleansing of face and scrub was totally refreshing. They make my face smell like citrus. I was expecting the extraction to be DAMN painful but no! (Maybe because the lady said that my face was rather "clean", just some enlarged pores, so more toner is needed!) Time to stock up on more toner.

The cooling mask was the bomb! I wouldn't mind paying for it just to try a second time but my poor boy waited for me for 1.5hour :(

Had a photoshoot today with OMY and Casio Sheen Singapore and he waited for 3 hours :(

Guilty. Shall reward him by being nicer to him this week! Hahaha. Kidding.

Goodnight readers :)
Happy weekend!