Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A friendly reply to your debate MBM

Op : cyst on the floor of the mouth. Not plastic surgery or abortion omg!

Apparently, this is how you or the others look at girls.

Carry Chanel or whatsnot = bf buy
Go on dinner = bf pay
Car & house = husband pay ONLY

There were some points which I fully agree as well. But these 3? Nope. So girls can only leech brandeds from guys? Of course. I have seen a dozen of girls who behave this way. But by just looking at the bags from any of my entry doesn't mean that the ex-bf bought it for sure. Do you guys meant to say that I(or other girls) can't buy it with my(their) own money/earnings?

If both parties are working already, I don't really think it hurts to take turns to pay for dinners or movies when we go on dates. Paying for the girl's share was never the guy's responsibilities. If the girl really cared, she wouldn't want you to waste so much money on her. (& in my case, I cared too much previously and that fellow took everything for granted) she would want you to spend on yourself first or save for the marriage.

As for paying for cars, houses or children alone. I would think that it will be too tough for the husband to carry all the loans and pay alone with the rising prices of the houses and COE/petrol/car. The wife would have to go out and work to help with all the family expenses. I personally find it hard for one to support the family alone. A family is not your financial burden, that is if you get what I mean.

The above mentioned are opinions of my own. You can choose to disagree with it. Thank you for your honest feedback as well. Have a good day btw!