Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[Review] L'oreal Youth Code Boosting Essence

Looking for new anti-aging skincare? Try this! Retailing at $39.90 for a 30ml bottle.

Clear fluid which is absorbed quickly into the skin. According to my application, it clears up within 15 seconds without leaving any oily, sticky sensation.

One drop is all it takes to DOUBLE the effectiveness of ur skincare regime.
One week of usage can improve the texture of your skin and one month of usage can help your skin regain youthfulness and radiance like skin renewal!

STAR ingredients :
Pro-Gen™ Technology, or Biolysat (a product of fermented Bifidus bacterial) that increases the expression of recovery genes involved in cellular renewal.

Adenosine, long known to be a constitutive component of DNA, which slows the effects of ageing in skin.

HEPES (Hydroxy Ethyl Piperazine Ethane Sulfonic acid) which has a pro-exfoliating action, which improves absorption of active ingredients.

*Visible rejuvenating effect! Use twice per day on a perfectly cleansed skin before your usual skincare routine.

Youth Code Boosting Essence can be found at leading retailers including Watsons, Guardian, SASA, selected Department stores, major supermarkets and hypermarkets.