Friday, March 02, 2012


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*This DOES NOT apply to all Singapore/Thai guys/ladies.


Why insult people of your own country and praise other lowly creatures?
& When the china student from NUS called us dogs, people flared up because they felt insulted. What is this man? How about the feelings of your fellow Sg girls? So long as you are not the one being insulted, you're fine with it?

Saw some guys complaining about SG girls and praising Thai girls(from Thai Disco) in forums.

1. SG girls always 吊起来卖
2. SG girls only know 'shopping, iphone, nails, makeups'
3. SG girls are dead fish

Yes, girls in Singapore are usually (not all) obsess with manicure, fashions and whatever's girly. That's because girls like us are constantly moving forward with the change and revolution unlike guys(Type A) who think of us that way.

I can only think of 1 reason why some guys look at us this way. It is because they feel inferior, they are not good enough for us. At the back of their mind, wife = cook and look after the kids. Hello? Y U NO MOVE AND IMPROVE WITH THE REVOLUTION? We are no longer the same as what the girls were in the 50s. More girls are entering diplomas/degrees/masters/prof than the past while Type A are only obsessed with cars, money and easy girls. Degree? Toilet paper lah, to them.

It is not surprising why such guys always turn to Thai girls. SAWAADEEEKUPPPP~ They no speak proper English or Singlish. U like Thaiglish yo?

That is their definition of GIRLS. You can get them so easily, because they don't even have the quality to 吊起来卖. No need to 吊, easy easy task hor? Thai girls(from Thai Disco) and Singapore girls, both also girls what. Why make so much effort to woo them when what you can get is the same?

Dead fish? Sorry, We don't sleep around like the girls from TD. That's why they are so professional and making us look like dead fish. You wanna marry a sexpert? Go on! Go have 3 kids together. Who knows at the end of the day, only 1 out of 3 shares the same blood type as you. Got money call you Daddy, Honey, Baby, no money ask you fuck off. Don't stop me from earning money.


AHEM. Just because you are not improving yourself, don't even bring the girls down to your level. Don't even compare us to them! What's there to compare anyway? Some of the SG girls can 吊起来卖, because they can 吊. & What can those TD girls 吊? Boobies? Position skills?

There isn't anything to compare with in the first place.

Thai Girl from TD :

Sg girls :

Fool around for the entire life.
Proper family and future.

It's your choice.

**Only people who behave like what it's written in this entry will find it offending ;)