Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Japanese Horror - P.O.V

Attended the Press Screening of P.O.V on Monday.


Mirai and Haruna are shooting a show streamed on smartphones which introduces different viewer submitted videos. That day the videos were all of paranormal phenomena, carefully selected allegedly accurate accounts of haunted occurrences. In the middle of one video, the image gets interrupted, immediately turning back on to show a footage that was not in the script. The video captures an urban legend rumored at the school that Haruna attended. A psychic on the show assesses that a certain demonological ritual must be performed in order to rid the school of this phenomena. The director, agents and the two girls go to the school accordingly to find there is more to the video than meets the eye.....

My Review - ★★ out of 5

If you like paranomal activity, you will like P.O.V as well.
Take note of the hint in the poster - A cursed film.

Shaw preview theatre's sofa seat is damnnnnnnnnn cosy.

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