Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Monster Beats Headphones 2012 Collection Launch

Attended Monster Beats collection launch last week and oh god,
 The headphones were stylish yet versatile,
People were all fun, friendly and LOVELY!

 I honestly don't mind attending their event every week :O
 Back to the main topic, look at these headphones. Aren't they COOL?

This is my favourite, reason being that is because there is a BLING :D

Look! You can even choose the headbands on the headphones!

What's fun there? Makeover! Shine had her hair bun up by the stylist.

& I had my eyes done. SO SMOKEY. Never ever tried daring make ups in my life buttttttt..

the boyfriend said it's nice :D

Models with their different headphones for different outfits.

Shine and Me with their headphones. I want one!

Bobby Tonelli (Joanne's Boyfriend)! Did you recognise him? ;)

Divian and Jacqui from 987fm! :D

With Faith! AAHHHHH. They were all soooooooooooo nice! :))))))


Monster beats headphones are cool. You know you want one! :P
They will be in Singapore soooon! ;)

PPPSSSS : I have a giveaway below this entry :D