Thursday, May 24, 2012

Only 15 this year

Just kidding!! You know I am far from 15 years old.

Since I (or rather, majority of the people I met) feel that I don't really look like my age,
I have decided to try and look even younger.

Mission : Buy a damn young + cute tee (prolly tees where only Secondary 1 or 2 students would wear to town).

Mission Completed!
Blue Doreamon Tee. Cartoon enough yo?

Now, how do I look in it?

Quite young right? But not that young still.

Mission 2 : Wear a pair of nerd specs + Jeans to match the tee.

Specs : It has leopard prints but not visible in the picture
Jeans : Denim Grey

& How do I look now? Can I pass off as a secondary school student already?
HAHAHAHA. Gross thoughts, I know. So old still wanna act young.

Remember, we are only young once!

Have a good day readers.