Friday, June 08, 2012

Beer Fest 2012

WOOHOOO. So Beer Fest 2012 is here.
If you weren't there today, you still have the weekends!

It was way too humid so not much photos were taken just now :/

I like Kopparberg even before I visit Beerfest!
Do you know that they have non-alcoholic versions at Ikea?

These wychcraft bottles look damn cool. Bet they are damn bitter too.

I know most people love the Lychee and Honey dew beer from Taiwan. (As in this brand)

But I found something nicer today!! OMG. It's like Lychee Soda with a little bit to alcohol taste.
Comes in White Grapes, Mango and Pineapple as well.
It is currently not launched in Singapore at the moment, but SOON!

Wish I can just open a can and drink it to bed right now. x_x

Nice trip though! Was exposed to the different types of beer around the globe. *Slurps