Saturday, July 21, 2012

16 days more to go.

2 more weeks till I am home. As much as I miss my family & boyfriend (my huggable puppy most!!), a part of me is quite reluctant to go back to Singapore.

I love the shoppings, weather, and sight seeing places here but not the food. Have been eating pastries/bread for lunch for the past 3 weeks *pukes and I might just gain weight due to the over consumption of flour consumed over the weeks.

Shopping here is FUCKING awesome. I came to Europe with only 4 pieces of clothes and 2 pairs of jeans and right now, I can't even stuff all my items into my 2 luggages.

Forgot to bring the USB/memory card reader for the camera. So make do with the photos from my phone from the various places around Europe! :)

Paris x London x Newcastle x Manchester x Whatsnot