Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shopping in Paris

This very small image here was taken at 9.30pm in Paris.

Yes, their sun sets only after 10pm. So I always forgot about the time here because the sky in Singapore always get damn dark after 7pm.

Day 1's outfit.

I didn't curl my hair. I went to bed with my hair wet and woke up with curls!

Pastries for breakfast. Apple crumble. You know where to go for good pastries!

New dresses from H&M Paris.

Paris is one shopping heaven (other than brandeds!). But it is not as safe as Singapore because a friend of mine got pickpocket just few days before I arrived which made me sleepless the night before flying. Imagine losing your whole wallet (IC, Credit cards & cash) in a foreign country!!

Anyway, I bought tons of clothes and accessories. Pictures in a bit. X