Monday, July 02, 2012

[Sponsored] Mactrix Power

New brand on the market to meet the needs of most smartphone users.

Encased in luxurious metallic finishes and available in a spectrum of colours. Be it iPhone, Blackberry or Samsung galaxy note, this stylish portable charger is able to handle all your short life batteries!

Mactrix Power is available in three different ranges of power capacity to cater to different needs of consumers:

Mactrix Power 2200 ($49)

Mactrix Power 4400 ($79)

Mactrix Power 10000 ($129)

Mactrix Power 10000 is suitable for heavy iPad users! (MY DAD for instance!) Games/checking on stocks on a higher resolution gadget = battery life depleting faster.

I picked Mactrix Power 4400 in red because it's size is about the size of a regular phone. I am not exaggerating but it allows me to charge my iPhone to 100% for a maximum of 4 times before it requires another charging session.

This has been my companion for the past few weeks. I am one hardcore Twitter/Instagram user. With this pal, I can spam and refresh both apps every 5minutes (I know this sounds crazy) with no fear of the phone dying on me. Hahahaha

I used to buy those small square portable charger but 1 full charge only allows it to charge up to 50% and no more. On top of that, I dropped it and bye bye. Spoilt :(

If you prefer something smaller in size, you can go for Power 2200 where the size is half of what I picked.

Say, 1 small square portable charger = $15 = 1 time of 50% life
1 Mactrix Power 2200 = $49 = 150% of battery life

Calculate which is more worth it with the consideration of the quality behind your head. PPPSST, Mactrix Power offers 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Don't worry about it failing on you.

With Mactrix Power, you can tweet, facebook or instagram the whole day without worrying about your battery life! Get yours at iStudio or NuBox today!

Remember to like them at their facebook page at Mactrix Creations.