Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Prada Paragon

Had been complaining about the Prada wallet I got from my Paris trip in Twitter last week.

Not that I don't like the design/colour. It's just that, I didn't open the box till I was back in Singapore. And to my HORROR, one tiny part of the leather peeled off! It's either the quality check FAIL or I was too excited when I was in Paris to examine the wallet carefully.

The first thing I did was to google for Prada Singapore's contact number. I had to call like 15 times before someone pick up my call that evening. 

Me : Hi, I bought a wallet from Paris 5 weeks ago and have yet to use it yet or take it out from the box. However, when I arrived in Singapore yesterday, I realised that one part of the leather was peeling off. What can I do about it? 
Sales Assistant : Hi Miss, Do you have your invoice with you? 
Me : Errr. No. I 'accidentally' dropped it into the tax refund box. But I have the warranty card in the wallet still. Untouched. Isn't it the same? You can track my invoice from there? 
SA : I am sorry. I can't do anything about it without the invoice. The invoice is the proof of purchase. 
Me : So what is the point of the warranty card without the invoice? Do you meant to say that the warranty card is completely useless? 
SA : Sorry miss. There is really nothing I can do without the invoice. I need the invoice to check who sold the wallet to you. 
Me : You can check it from the system? 
SA : Sorry. You can try bringing the wallet down to us but I can't assure you that we can do something about it.

Was in a panic mode because I don't wanna spend a few hundreds on something spoilt. Afterall, I am only a student! Went down to Paragon the very next day and requested for the store manager, Jack, straight away (I don't want someone who insist that the warranty card is useless without the invoice to serve me).

He couldn't find my name in the system because Paris Prada failed to key in name/passport number. My friend, who was still in Paris went down to the boutique to help me request for another invoice, and they couldn't even find her invoice too! (We went down on the same day that day) SHUCKS.

But because I had 2 issues.

1 - Prada Paragon did not get back to me after 8 months of issuing an invoice for Adel's bag strap
2 - Wallet from Paris

So Jack kept my wallet with him, photocopied the invoice (of 8 months ago!!) and kindly helped me look into the matter.

He informed me that my strap was ready for collection 3 days later and assured me that he will do his best to help me with my wallet.

TADAH~ Another 2 days later, I received a  call from Prada asking me to go down and collect my 1-1 exchange. *applause for Mr Jack! 

I was even given the opportunity to chance the colour of the wallet because the colour I bought initially was only left with the display piece. I wanted the same colour so they had to get the stock from another boutique/warehouse. 


Because of Jack, Prada is still my favourite brand! He saved Prada's image in this little heart of mine.