Sunday, September 16, 2012

RevitaLens OcuTec Multi-purpose Disinfection Solution

Eyes, they can tell a story beyond words can tell. They are the windows to one's soul. Without eyes, you probably wouldn't be able to see how wonderful this world can be.

Therefore, it is important to take care of our eyes. Simple basic cleaning steps should be considered for both contact lens wearer/non-wearer.

However, for contact lens wearers (like me personally), we are more exposed to chances of harmful microorganisms entering our eyes. Microorganisms can be a serious problem in lens care and potentially affects the corneal integrity, therefore, it is important to be using the right solutions to cleanse your contact lenses.

I was given the privilege to try out RevitaLens OcuTec Multi-purpose Disinfection Solution & I have been using it diligently everyday/night.

Just took it out from the box.

My grey lenses in RevitaLens Solution.

1. Are you looking for a solution that requires less rubbing time? Yes
2. Are you wearing high-oxygen permeable soft lenses? Yes
3. Do you wear your contact lenses for long hours, i.e. 12 hours or longer? Yes

If your answers are yes to all the 3 questions above, your choice would be the same as mine. Shorter rubbing time would also save some hassle and time. Sometimes I get so lazy(or rush for time) that I would just rub it 2-3 times and dump it into the casing/wear it out.

On top of that, I wear contact lenses almost everyday. At least 6days a week and at least 10hours per day. Therefore, what I really need is something more convenient, comfortable and clean.

On the left is what I always experience after wearing long hours of lenses and I would need to blink every few seconds to 'wash' away the blurness. And after using RevitaLens, my vision is always as clear as the picture on the right.

RevitaLens Ocutec is a highly effective disinfection while protecting corneal integrity. 

1. Highly effective against broad spectrum ocular pathogens in the environment with 99.99% efficacy and hard-to-eliminate Acanthamoeba cysts and fusarium. 

2. Sustains high antimicrobial activity in lens case over time. 

3. Ocutec Activity reduces solution toxicity to cornea and hence minimizes hyper-sensitivity responses.

4. Greatly reduces stinging sensations during lens insertion, fewer complications including eye redness during contact lens wear and offers excellent lens wearing comfort over time. 

5. Higher compatible with new generation oxygen permeable silicone hydrogel lenses and conventional soft lenses.

Pardon the messy hair, but have you made your choice yet? :)