Monday, September 24, 2012

Walk away,

Top : Bugis Village
Lacy high waist shorts : Online. Available here at $13 as well
Ballet flats : Primark @ Newcastle 
Watch : DKNY
Bag : Gucci

It was my first time holding a flea 2 weeks ago. You know? 
I am the type of person who can't stop myself from buying new stuffs if I see them.
So I was like selling off my stuffs and buying new stuffs back. My load to and fro was exactly the same.

Flea was quite fun even though it was really warm! 
I managed to clear quite a bit of stuffs. Am still intending to hold another soon.
Making more space for new clothes. I really need more clothes.

"A girl can never have enough clothes"

I need some new white tops.


The one who seems the strongest is sometimes the one who is in most need of a hug.