Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little bit of me

My current favourite dress.

This blog has changed. It doesn't look like a 'Maybeline's' space anymore because it is filled with events and adverts and lesser of my happenings. So now, I am back doing a short update about me.

Life was quite good for the past few months in terms of school, work, blog and friends. However, it isn't the quite the same for relationship. It was rather rocky and tough for me. Not me, but us. We are still together and I still love the guy a lot.

I do know this - 爱一个人就是要看到他幸福. I also do know that he is no longer as happy as he was when he is with me. So for now................ (there's nothing much I can say here)

I am seldom the emo, sad, unhappy girl in reality. I always put on a strong front by showing the crazy and happy go lucky side. I laugh hard in the day. I yearn to find that girl back again. I yearn to find us back again.


6 more days to my birthday yo!

Hope you readers are doing fine! XOXO.