Sunday, December 16, 2012

Boyfriend's birthday

Planning for boyfriend's birthday is hard.

Therefore, planning a surprise for him is even harder. #coldhardtruth

Booked him 2 weeks in advance by telling him that I'll be bringing him to Long Beach Seafood Restaurant at East Coast Park. (yes, I have to book my busy boyfriend)

Little did he know that I had already made plans for other stuffs.
Got 2 of his good friends to help me with it.

My roles : 
1. Ordered cupcakes & cooked food in advance
2. Collect cupcakes
3. Invite all his close friends in Facebook. (This was quite hard because his friend list was hidden. I had to go to all his posts and search for likes & comments)
4. Bring him to the venue

His good friends's : 
1. Buy BBQ food
2. Collect cooked food & cupcakes from me from school
3. Layout the place before we reach

Meeting time at East Coast Park : 7.30pm

Rushed over to his place at 5.30pm to 'fetch' the king to "Long Beach Restaurant" and he took a really long time to prepare because he was still sleeping when I reached -.-

Cabbed over to ECP at 7.30pm and I was in cold sweat throughout because we were both damn hungry + his dumb (hehe) friend called him to ask if he was reaching.

Me, who has a very poor sense of direction was scolded like a cat in the cab. Hahaha.
He kept saying "There is only 2 seafood restaurants there. Where are we exactly going?"

He got really irritated because he thought that I was 'dumb' and made us lost our way *cold sweat*

The surprise was really successful in the end! :D


Was quite disappointed with the cupcakes because I thought it didn't look like what was in the picture at all.

He was quite busy that day because different friends from different cliques came (though most of them were overseas). And some of them whom he never had the time to meet up for ages.

Not everyone was in the photo. But I sincerely thank everyone who made the effort to come down
because this surprise wouldn't be successful without you guys. 
(Especially the help from his fishing clique)

Not much photos here because we were too unglam from all the perspiration. 

Nonetheless, he enjoyed his day. Definitely.  

Much Love.