Monday, December 31, 2012

What if...

What if.... the report's out and the boyfriend speeds?

What if.... he got away scott free?

What if.... he was lying all these while?

What if.... a really huge moth (bigger than my palm) actually came back on the night before her birthday?

What kind of punishment should he receive?

To think that his statement wouldn't even let the decreased off.

Just because someone passed away, it doesn't mean that you can push everything to her just to protect your own backside.

You killed her. It may be an accident, but you can't deny the fact that you are one of the playing factor which caused her death.

Karma bites. Beware of what you say and what you do. Heaven has eyes.

Today's Wan Bao

The moth which flew back on the 26th night. Her birthday was on the 27th.

Search your conscious, you bloody piece of heartless shit (or rather... jerk).