Monday, January 07, 2013

[Food] Cocoa-B

If you're a fan of chocolates and daring enough to try out exotic flavours, this is for you.
I wouldn't call myself a fan of chocolates, but I am not that far from bring a fan. So a liker maybe?


Step 1: Pick a chocolate bar.

My all time favorite - White chocolate :)


Step 2: Select your toppings (up to 5)

5 sounds a lot, but hey, they have a wide range of variety 
so you might not even be able to choose just 5 out of so many :(

Let me show you some toppings they have...

Candies or something Sweet for the sweet tooth.

Herbs and spices. Sea salt sounds good to me!

These are probably the most exotic toppings ever.
Bacon bits? Chicken floss? IKAN BILIS & CHOCOLATE?? WOWWWW.

Valentine's Day is coming, so this can be one of your easiest sweet solution.
They also have toppings specially for Valentine's. How thoughtful!

Any chocolate bar + red heart sprinkles + perhaps a stalk of rose = good to go for a simple & sweet gift.
In short, it is a bonus for any busy people (ahem, like me).

You can find more toppings on their site.

And when you're done with these 2 steps, you're ready for the last one.

Step 3: Payment!
It's even easier than shopping for clothes online because you don't have to worry about the colour, size or if they are out of stock and whatsnot.

Something that I really have to compliment on is their SERVICES!
Prompt reply, efficient service, positive attitude even though I was quite troublesome. Heh.

My creations!
Dark chocolate + Almonds + Walnuts + Cranberries
White chocolate + Bacon bits + Macadamia nuts + Walnuts

I see no fats. JUST EAT!!!!

I like bacon bits as much as I like white chocolate, but having the two of them in 1 sounds weird.
Though it sounds weird, but it doesn't taste weird. 
It has a tinge of saltiness in the chocolate bar, and I actually enjoy chewing on the bits. Hahaha.

The dark chocolate was quite healthy in my opinion because I added all the non-fattening stuffs.
Not as sweet as the white chocolate for sure, for one thing that I am certain is that,
you can't find the same taste anywhere outside. I guess that's one unique selling point for Cocoa-B!

They are having this promotion right now where by you can get the first 2 toppings for free!
Discount code: FREETOPPINGS.
It's that simple and affordable! 
 You can like them on their Facebook page at Cocoa B Singapore or visit their website at

And Maybeline says, Cocoa-B is not your usual boring chocolates!