Monday, January 21, 2013

[Beauty] Lumenis - OPT Facial

Do you guys remember about one of my post in November last year?

The one on Lumenis greatest 2 new machines for OPT and LightSheer Duet for hair removal?
Refresh your memory here: Changing the face of Aesthetic solutions.

I went for the OPT Trial in December to get my birthmark removed.

BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW! I had a birth mark on my face, below my right lower lips.
(You can tell from the pictures later)

The whole procedure was super fast. It took like less than 15minutes to finish the whole OPT facial.



1. Removed all make up with a little bit of eyeliner left.
2. As you can see, the gel was spread across all the face except the eyes area.

3. After application, The doctor used the OPT machine -LightSheer HS to zaaaaaaaap it.

I could feel some burnt smell but this is perfectly normal because of the ultra fine facial hair.

Because I am new to IPL and stuffs like that, there was a bit of pain for me so I kept jerking at every zap. Hahaha. The thought of it made me laugh at myself.

Probably 4 out of 10 pain score.

People who have done IPL before would think that OPT zaps are just some ants bite.

The whole zapping took about 7-8 minutes.

I was told by the Dr that the any freckles or pigmentation marks would get darker and darker each day.
And by the 4-5th day, they will start to peel off.

So I stayed home for the first 4 days otherwise people will mistake my birthmark for some milo stain.

Day 3. Are you able to tell where my birthmark is now? (on the bottom left lips)

True enough, it got darker on Day 4. Actually it was started to peel after the 4th night.

Everything was gone by Day 6.

Not just for pigmentation, the pores were also minimized and it feels smoother during make up application.

Look at the pores on my nose? Almost almooooooost hidden right?! :D

For post OPT photos, Please refer to other entries which were taken at least 1 week after the peeling.

Example 1: Bio-essence
Example 2: Xmas @ Icing Room

Now? I can go out without concealer (which I usually had to, just to conceal the birthmark).

Foundation + eyeliner + eyebrow pencil = All ready to head out :)

I feel more confident now! All thanks to Faith & OPT!


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