Saturday, January 19, 2013

M1 Singapore - You're way too disappointing.

I am a poor sufferer of the M1 3G network incidence.

My network was down as early as 6am and I thought it was because of the late payment and they suspended my line. (To be honest, I was only late for about a month plus because I was too busy with exams and forgot all about the bill) But this clearly isn't the problem because no network would suspend the line because the payment was late by 1-2 months.

I woke up immediately after receiving a call from my Brother via the landline because his line is under my name as well. Because he is in army, & the line is perhaps the only entertainment or form of communication he can have with the outside world, I woke up and paid the bill online. Tried calling 1627 for 1hour but couldn't get through.

Since I couldn't do anything with my phone, I went to Twitter and M1 Facebook's page to check for updates. To my surprised, M1 network was down and almost everyone was cursing it (LOL).

I suffered 3.5 days without ANY reception/3G and at some point of time, 2G don't even work at all. So I called up on the 4th day and demanded for compensation, the operator told me to wait for press release.

Yea, waited. When the news was out. I laughed (in my heart).


Because there are only 28 days in Feb. So if they give 3 days of free calls, it is only 31 days, doesn't make any difference to them. Besides, it's CNY period, everyone will be busy visiting and probably, gambling, WHO WANNA CHAT ON THE PHONE FOR HOURS?

Freaking smart move, FREAKING.

So, I have 3 lines under my name with 2 lines with free Unlimited SMSes and 1 broadband. Can you even make calls out with a broadband SIM card? NO! So what is that useless free calls for this SIM card for? I felt trolled by M1 despite suffering for so many days.

When I am out, I couldn't even call/whatsapp my friends to ask if they have already reached. All I could do was to stand at that exact place to wait for them. So this is how you're compensating me?

Mine was a small case. How about the rest who depends on phone to earn a living and their clients couldn't contact them?

And all M1 did was to rebate us with 3 days of free calls in Feb because Feb has only 28 days. YAY. Should we cheer?

I called M1 30 minutes ago and the operator told me they can't do anything about it, well, to be fair, the operators are victims too because they are only working for M1 and they can't make the decision. But.....

Protect your own pocket without sparing a thought for the consumer.

The purpose of a mobile network is to make everything easier and convenient but M1 made it otherwise. M1 first, Consumer second.

My trust for M1 is totally...... GONE.