Friday, January 18, 2013

[Fashion] OOTD for Friday night

Outfit to an event today.

Maxi Dress: Love Bonito (I think) matched with my own White Sailor style belt.
Sandals: Rubi Shoes
Watch: Aigner
Earrings: Random

Waiting for the arrival for 4 pullovers, 2 long sleeve blouse and 2 clothes for the puppy.


1 last paper to go next week.

Thank you for joining the Gold Kili + Frezfruta + Hello Kitty cups bundle.

I got a happier news yesterday. The 4 chosen readers would receive the whole bundle each!

Which means that the winner would receive, 2x Coffee, 2x Jam and 4 Mug.

So generous!! I am jealous! 

Love the sponsors, as well as the PR company for the giveaway :D

Received quite a number of tweets.
(I thought that not much people would join because 
you would have to collect it from woodlands personally but I am surprised!!)

As much as I would love to give it to ALL of you, but I am only restricted to the 4 winners.
Winners will be selected tomorrow :)