Thursday, January 31, 2013


All I know was is giving out free ang laos all the way till 9th Feb
and I had never expected myself to win. 
I just wanted to share some news and earn some money from sharing.


I was Day 14 Winner! 
I didn't even know I won until I saw my own face in my news feed out of nowhere when I was about to shut down the computer and head out.

My first reaction was "OMG REALLY?!" 

I wanted to say that in my head, but I typed it out unknowingly on the picture itself which got itself 7 likes. LOL.

This just contributed to part of my Uni school fees.

& I get to be on their page cover for a day :D

If you're wondering what is, is a country-specific social news network.

Social media users from each country curate and share trending local news, videos, social causes, and get paid when they broadcast relevant advertiser-sponsored content via Twitter, Facebook and other platforms.

1 unique click on the thing you have shared = $0.20

You can cash out once you hit $20.

Easy peasy?

You can earn it too.