Sunday, March 24, 2013

[Tech] Says Singapore Meet Up

Not sure if you can still remember that I won an angbao of $388 from

How how? Can you remember now?

So I was their pioneer batch! And I went for their meet up at Hungry Chimps Cafe with Cookie and Noelle cause my boyfriend said "You can go with your friends!".

Together with other winners, we had our cash in angbaos.
Of course, the grand winner of $5000 had it in cash too! SO JEALOUS.

I thought the yellow stuffs was the scramble eggs.
Happy for nothing cause I am a HUGE lover of eggs. Hahahaha.

BUT OMG, I like the bite-sized hashbrowns that I ate at least 6-8 pieces? :X

Let me camwhore abit first. HAHA. I was testing out Noelle's camera and my god,
the make up mode is awesome. I ALSO WANT.

Look at my skin, the camera made it look flawless.

Anyway the prize presentation was the last section.

We had a fun interaction session where the speaker introduced SAYS to us with some lucky dips.
The lucky person who got picked had either an apple, banana, a bottle of chili sauce and their SAYS notebook.

I thought I got picked when the person called out 3 of hearts (which was my card) but another person with 3 of clubs walked to the front instead. I still think its 3 of hearts that was announced leh! :X Clubs and hearts don't even sound the same :X

End up 3 of clubs was picked again for the second time. So the first time should be me. Right right right? :X

Cookie. Hello Cookie, Can I eat you?

This is Michelle! Isn't she pretty & cute?!?! She was the one who announced my name! WOOOHOOO!

Thank you SAYS for the $388.
It is added to my university funds now :)