Sunday, April 14, 2013

[Fashion] Hearts On Fire at TianPo - Illa Collection

As I look up into the sky, I 've always hoped for a million stars.
The light that the stars give off would be glittering like diamonds in the sky.

Hearts On Fire is a very exclusive collection. Only available in TianPo Jewellery.

Why do I say so? Because....
"Less than a Fraction of One Percent of all the Diamonds in the World will qualify to be Hearts On Fire diamonds"

Why settle for less than perfection?

I am not going to go into details to bore you out so watch the video below to know more about the cutting of diamonds on HEARTS ON FIRE.

Brian McHardy, I have personally met him at the event and my, he's such a fun loving guy.
From the small presentation and demonstration that he gave, you could totally tell that he's an expert.
Well, he sure is - he has been cutting diamonds for over 40 years.

Let me first fill you in on the Illa Collection.

Designer Ilaria Lazoni has more than 17 years of design experience and has joined Hearts On Fire as the new Director of Design in 2012. Up to now, she has already designed 2 exciting collections - Copley and Illa.

The whole Illa Collection is about stars and more stars and we know how beautiful stars are. Especially at night, when we lay down on a patch of grass and look up at the sky, we are usually amazed by how pretty they can be.

Having been to Australia and Europe personally, I do know how and what its like to be lying down and admiring the sky with someone beside me. It was probably, the sweetest and most beautiful memory any can have.

Though sad, but I would still like to say this. I have always believed that angels live on the stars in heaven watching over us. So if someone dear to me is gone, I always imagined them to be there. And when I look at the star, I will feel more comforted.

Illa Collection can do the same. They shines, and they are like stars. They help to boost our confidence.

Don't you agree?

Here am I, plain with no shine.

Take a look at some of the exquisite pieces from the collection...

Illa Constellation Bracelet at $670, 990.

This bracelet reminds me of the beautiful milky way in the night sky. Dim "milky" glowing band arching across the night sky, in which the naked eye cannot distinguish individual stars. How pretty.

Look at the little details, I believe it will stand out more in dimmer lights.

Illa Comet Pendant Necklace at $14, 040.

Make a wish upon a shooting star. If you have never seen a shooting star and never had your wish granted before, make a wish upon Illa Comet Pendant Necklace. It will do the same.

A shooting star (with 12 diamonds) with a fine necklace.

Illa Constellation Right Hand Ring at $23, 270.

Ahhhhh, I love this ring A L O T.

Trying out Hearts On Fire made me felt like I was from some royalty.

A tad combination of simplicity and sophisticated feel.

Let me give you some ideas on how to match Hearts On Fire with your daily outfits;

Outfit 1:

I picked black for evening dinner date so that the diamonds would stand out with a matching crystal silk clutch. Illa Cluster Stud Earrings and Illa Comet Pendant Necklace are matched to complete the whole evening look.

Outfit 2:

This outfit is more of a day look and I would say that it is one of my personal favourite as well. Chic and still glamorous. Illa Pendant Necklace to compliment the simplicity and Illa Right Hand Ring to give off a bold statement.

Outfit 3:

We don't dress up 365 days a week. But we can still dress simple to match the Illa Collection. Wear a pair of skinny jeans matched with heel and put on a pair of starry looped ear studs with Illa Constellation Right Hand Ring anytime.

Yes, because they are so versatile, you can wear it for any occasions, dinner, parties, shoppings and even just a normal day out.

I will end my story with a short story. (All images are taken and edited by yours truly)

Thank you TianPo Jewellery and Hearts On Fire for the invitation and opportunity to try out the exquisite pieces.


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