Tuesday, April 23, 2013

[Fashion] Levi's 501 Interpretation at Ion Orchard

This Spring/Summer 2013 marks Levi's 140th anniversary of its iconic 501 jeans by introducing a non-denim Levi's 501 collection for the first time.

Breaking with tradition, yet maintaining the product's true essence and timeless spirit, the 3 piece non-denim collection is available in true chino, chalk blue and mineral red.

To celebrate it's 140th anniversary, they held an event at Ion Orchard with 4 celebrities namely, Felicia Chin, Xu Ya Hui, Tosh Zhang and Ian Fang.

Camwhored a bit while waiting for the event to start.

They made me look so short here. Should have worn platforms instead of flats.

Having heard Ivy Tan on 933 before, but never seen her at all, she's so stylishhhhh!!
And she was the emcee that day.

They made their appearance by doing a catwalk on the stage and Tosh, as usual, did his signature pose. Hahahaha. He look quite friendly that day (given that his signature face is always the unhappy and cool face). But I do know that the unhappy and cool face was his "style".

After the catwalk, they had to dress their shirtless guy up in Levi's clothes and explain the chosen style.

Felicia Chin and her style for her model.

Ian's model.

Ya Hui's model. She was so cute, saying how cute and handsome her model was.
She even offered to be the pole for her model's pole dance LOL.

I didn't manage to get a clear shot of Tosh's model :/

But anyway, take a look at the 4 celebrities in the picture below. I like Ya Hui's style best but Felicia Chin's way of wearing the shirt is pretty unique, Tosh has this boy boy look and

The jeans that all of them are wearing are Levi's 501 design. So which one do you like best?

After dressing up all their models, the audiences had the chance to vote for their favorite look and the winning model would go back with the full set of Levi's apparels on him!

Guess who won?

It's non other than Ya Hui's cute dimples model! Hahahhaha.

There's a little contest going on.

Wear a style with a pair of 501, write a short write up and upload to http://levis501.com.sg/featured-entries.html

5 lucky ones will get to win a $300 cash along with $200 worth of products from Levi's!