Sunday, April 07, 2013

Too much lately

Events and reviews all over. Yes I know. So now, I am back for some ME-post! :D

First: Regarding Adeline's accident. The case is still ongoing and I was like "WHAT?! So the driver's lawyers failed to attend the court session just because they forgot about it? HOW ON EARTH IS THIS POSSIBLE?" Talk about professionalism. 

So how long more should this case drag? Can anyone tell me? My dad and me tried calling the Traffic Police Investigating Officer months back but WOOOHOOO. He didn't pick up our calls (on different days) and neither did he call us back. Talk about professionalism X2. 

I have been crying ALMOST every night and people around me would know how much I miss Adel and I can't even do anything for her, not even this case. FUCK. I bet no one can really understand how my family feel? Drag.. Drag somemore. I still cannot accept it that the other party's lawyer FORGOT to turn up. WHAT THE.... It just goes to show how little you care for this case. Of course what, also not your family member die....

Bah, I can't comment much here because I don't wanna end up being sued by them for giving my HONEST and HEARTFELT opinions. That's the world we live in right now. She's already gone for 15 months and this is still dragging on and on and there is so little our lawyers can do because the other party keeps dragging?

Second: My university life is ending in 2 months time and that brings me back to the first point. The accident happened when I just entered uni not long ago. Now that I am near the end, the case is still somewhat at the starting point only. EXCELLENT :)

Alright, this post is not all grumpy actually. I just had to whine about how others don't give a damn when my family and lawyers took it so seriously.

Third: I love my dog. He's the most wonderful present from Adel ever (Yes, Adel again).

He may not be the cutest dog, but he's definitely the best companion ever. Just like my previous dog.

How can I get rid of the brown patches at the mouth area and below his eyes area? Help help!!

Fourth: Things has been quite good for the past few months and I am absolutely glad that I have him with me during my UPs and DOWNs.

Fifth: I am also the official blogger for Singapore Dance Delight Vol 4 x F&N.

Sixth: Other than that, I am also featured in 7-eleven's website at:

Lastly: The readership has been increasing lately.