Thursday, May 02, 2013

[Beauty] Lust To Lush Lenses

Messages on Facebook/Email asking me what lenses I wore for bla bla bla is one of the most common question I get and I rarely remember the design because I always change them frequently.

And now, I hope this post can clear all your questions and help you find the right shop for the various lenses that you might want to try :)

And instead of wearing my old Pink Diamond one, I went to pick a more natural one this time round.

Due to the constrictions, this is the biggest size I can post for my overall look with the lenses on.

Can you see the brown lenses? Isn't it natural?
They are from Lust to Lush Lenses.

Brand: iFairy
Colour: Hera Brown

Closer and clearer view would be their actual picture.

As mentioned above, my lenses are from Lust to Lush and the seller is a friendly seller!

I would also say that she has a good reputation given the amount of customers she has
(the fanpage was just shifted over from another shop name, hence,
she's still building up the number of likes).

When I saw her prices, I was like OMG SO CHEAP HOW SHE EARN?????

Show you her current promotion to prove myself right:

For May 1-9 preorder, here's the promo!
1-4 pairs at $10.50/pair
5-9 pairs at $10/pair
10 & beyond pairs at $9.50/pair
irregardless of brand!:D

Barbie, Luxury & Candy still at $9.50 per pair only!

I copied and paste the above from the FB Page. So I am not kidding about her price.

My GEO lenses that I bought in the past before this sponsored pair was at least $15-$20/pair please.

She also carry varies brands like EOS, Luxury Babe, Fynale and more.

Each pair also comes with a free contact lens casing :)

Head over to her page and do some lens shopping maybe?

Lust To Lush
Lust To Lush
Lust To Lush