Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[Beauty] The SPA-Lon Session 2

My skin improvements from Session 1.

- Micro-Peeling Treatment
- Photo Rejuvenation Treatment
- Radio Frequency Treatment
- Cryocooling Treatment
- Eye-Lifting Treatment

Source: http://static.commentcamarche.net

I did the same treatments for Session 2 (which was about 2 weeks later)

Heartfelt feelings and observations:
- My face looked slimmer.
- My skin is SOOOO smooth that I can't stop touching it.
- Dark circles were lessen despite still having irregular sleep.

From the picture below, you can still see some dark circles. That is because I am in the exam period and I got sufficient sleep. On some days, I can only find myself sleeping for 4hours only :(

I was given some products to apply at home.
Am personally using the same brand's moisturizer and really like it.
(I tend to switch products here and there on a review basis but this is one that I apply quite frequently)

Irene, the senior beautician reminded me this:
"If you realized that your face got smaller, it's not because you lost weight. It's because your face is firmer, more tone and slimmer as compared to pre-treatment."

I didn't really notice the slim face much until I took this picture for an intended blog entry.

"My my... What define jaw line.." I thought to myself. LOL

You would probably say its the angle, but I  never had such slim face before! My face is quite chubby.

Will show you another pre and post picture of the skin for Session 3 to show you more results :)

If you're interested, head over to their facebook page to find out more! :