Tuesday, May 28, 2013

[Beauty] Star Lash Complete The Lash

Launched in 2007, Star Lash is now available in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UK and Japan.

Of course, our focus is Singapore. Heh. So where can you get them?

They have up to 123 designs and still counting :O

The lashes are made of high quality synthetic fibre which can hold well up to 10 times.

So, Maybeline, who have not much idea with lashes like "How to stick them" or "How do I choose them" attended a Complete The Lash workshop by Star Lash.

I was Eldiona's model for the natural look while the hottie Elaine WOOhoo was her model for the dramatic kawaii lashes.

Left eye was naked and right eye had lashes on. Teng Teng!

Kay, both lashes are up. My eyes are darker and brighter and NOT DRAMATIC or overly done.
I like! I also love how comfortable it is.

Surprisingly, I only have to apply it once and I can have it on my eyes for the entire day.
It must be the wonders of the Star Lash Glue.

Meet my photographer that night and the dramatic kawaii Elaine WOOhooo~

I had DB18 for the natural look. Not sure if you realized but the lashes are from short (inner) to long (outer) to make the lashes look even more natural.

Since I love exploring new stuffs, I took off the natural lashes and put something more fluttery on. LOL

(I didn't use any glue to stick them that's why they look uneven).

This green pair is kinda nice. Suitable for theme parties. Love the white fluttery lashes.

*wink wink wink*

As seen in the picture above, other than lashes, they also have other products which are related to the eyes like eyeliners in both gel and liquid.

The cotton buds are probably one of the best inventions. It's filled with eye make up remover in each stick for easy removal of lashes/eyeliner.

Star Lash products are available in major retail stores like Watsons, Sasa, BHD, John Little, Pink Beauty and many other independent retailers.


Have fun lashing away!