Wednesday, May 08, 2013

of floral // marriage

I like floral prints. I think they actually make a girl look more demure :)

June is going to be an awesome month for me because I'll be out of the university by the first week of June and I am going to be my one of my cousin's sisters for her wedding in the second week. Looking forward to the Hen's night. This is my first time!

Lots of people around me are getting married/applying for flats. What kind of age group do you think is the most appropriate to be planning all these? I am really not as young as I look but not of marriage age yet (to me. I don't wanna be a young mom/wife or anything).

I feel that both parties should be financially stable enough to afford a flat before talking about the remaining plans. Paying for the flat shouldn't be a guy's thing anymore given that the living expenses in Singapore is no longer the same as the past.

Anyway, my cousin isn't really that young (not that old either). She's a few years older than me and they have been dating since..... Can't remember when, but at least 7-8 years already? I was just thinking about myself. I can't imagine leaving my parents/dog. I think I would probably cry like shit LOL. And no, would never marry young unless financially stable enough.

Please bless me with better skin and slimmer body contour and jaw.