Sunday, May 26, 2013

[Lifestyle] Me on 3 by Mediacorp

I know I am probably the least sporty person you know but hey,

I am involved with Mediacorp's MEon3 The ULTIMATE Streetball Challenge!

*Cheer* Cheer* Cheer*

I didn't know we have SO MANY sporty people in Singapore.

Do you know that there were more than 200 teams who registered for this competition?!

The registration is now close and that meansssssss, the competition is starting soon!

I went for the pre-event which was held at Anglican High School with 2 local celebrities, Lee Qiao Er and Jeffrey Xu together with another 2 bloggers, Smith and Mint!

Both celebrities signed up to be part of the campaign voluntarily. From this, I could feel their love for sports!

Tadah, meet Smith and Mint. Both of them are so bubblyyyy!
I feel very comfortable with them, especially Mint!

Schools from the east were invited and present for the pre-event basketball clinic as well.

Needless to say, it's a match between the coaches from Singapore Slingers VS the students.

*Drum rolls*

While the battle was ongoing, Us, celebrities/bloggers were sitting and cheering.

After the guys are done. It's time for the girls. A school teacher was also invited to join us for a shoot.
Yes, all we had to do was to shoot the ball.

Boy! It sure requires more than just skills. I think I could only get 2 out of 10 balls into the loop :(

Qiao Er, Mint, me and the teacher (with absolutely no bball background VS another 4 students with bball background.

Spot my mistake? I didn't bend my legs.

BUT WE WON! MUAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. It was a close right!!

Next up was the celebrities/bloggers VS students.

We were sad because most of the students who were present said that we would lose. HAHAHAHA.

Surprisingly, WE WON AGAIN. Lucky us! lol.

The actual challenges from the 200+ teams will be taking place on the 15th and 16th of June 2013 (Saturday and Sunday) from 10.30am to 6pm at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza.

There will be lots of celebrities there. So do go down and give them a cheer! :)

Hope to see you guys there!

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