Wednesday, May 01, 2013

[Love] How I keep my relationship going

I have learnt a lot from this relationship, or rather, this boyfriend.

We haven't been together for exactly VERY long (only a year plus).

I had my high and low in this relationship.

I went from 48kg to 42kg and back to 44kg (now)

HAHAHAHA. I don't mean the fluctuation of my weight actually.

We had huge quarrels and our fair share of difficult times although we are not exactly together for a decade yet. Through these downs, we have both learnt to be more understanding and forgiving.

But the most important thing that I had learnt was to be less "sticky".

I am not kidding, I was VERY sticky. I like to stick to my boyfriend during my free time.
And very often, he will find it annoying because he has his work to do as well.
(Including DOTA and his hobby, fishing :x)

Right now, we don't really "control" each other much like we seldom ask each other where we are going, who we are with and etc. We would, however, respect each other by filling each other up when needed.

That boils down to "Trust".

Trust me, this is the most important factor that keeps a relationship going :)

Love dies when trust dies.