Thursday, June 20, 2013

A lazy girl’s 2-4 minutes eye make up

How I draw my eyes, not too drama, though not extremely natural, but presentable :)

I only spend about 2-3 minutes on the eye (with falsies on) and about 1 minute without falsies.

I know no one likes naggy and wordy post so I'll keep it short
and show you how do I do my eye make up!

1. I usually draw my brows before applying the eyeliner.
I am currently using Cyber Colors from SASA.

2. Eyeliner done

Do you agree with me that the eyes look kind of tired and sleepy?

That's where falsies comes into play.

I love long lashes and sometimes I put on fake eye lashes.

In order not to make them look so unnatural, I often curl my real lashes up before putting falsies on.


There are two kinds of curler. The mechanical one or the electrical one.

For me, I am using the electrical one by Panasonic where they make use of heating.

In my opinion, it actually last longer than the normal mechanical curler and easier to use.

Very time saving!! A few minutes was needed to do the trick.
The head would be heated after you on it and it will rotate by itself.

I spend about 1.5 minute for both eyes.

The end product would look something like this.

TA DAH! All ready to stick my falsies on.
Star Lash Natural DB 17.

1. Draw eyebrows
2. Apply eye shadow (optional)
3. Apply eyeliner
4. Curl the lashes
5. Glue and stick the falsies

Just 4 - 5 simple steps.

It is this easy. Everyone can have dolly eyes too.