Saturday, June 22, 2013

[Fashion] Formal wear for Glossi

You don't have to be cool or funky to wear Glossi.

I'll show you how to match Glossi for Cooperate Wears for both the shades and the prescription wear.

For any office wear, just simply top it off with a not-so-casual blouse and you are ready to go.
I did light make up for this as well to look more "office lady" like.

As my pair of Glossi is white, it is easier for me to match it with all the different colours I want.
Doesn't the transparent frames make me look smarter? Hahahaha.

A lot of people told me that it is special because it actually looks like a pair of Googles where you have to put on when you are in the Science lab.

The description people use to describe it is....... DAMN CUTE.


Photos taken at W hotel at Sentosa Cove for the shades.

Matched with a simple plain black dress.

This look gave me a more strong look. Like I am some successful lady who can survive without guys :x

Shades do not just serve the purpose of blocking the sun.
They can also act as an accessory to the plain outfit like this.

Next, I matched it with another black dress but in chiffon to create a more feminine look despite the men's shades.

Isn't it easy to match Glossi with your Monday to Fridays outfit?

It is this versatile :)

I will show you how I match my Glossi with my everyday casual outfits next :)