Sunday, June 02, 2013

How long does it take you to have a change of heart?

This is a true story based on the life of my dear sister, Adeline.

She was the beautician in the advertisement

She lost her life in a traffic accident in Dec 2011. The driver was her so called boyfriend of 3 years (whom was believed to be speeding according to LKK-TP reconstruction report).

Before the accident, the boyfriend just changed his car to Honda Integra. And trust me, Adeline helped him with the car installment due to his incapability of owing the car that he wanted.

Just 2 weeks before the accident, Adel and her boyfriend, together with their good friend, XX, came to fetch me home after my part time job. To my horror, they were racing and speeding along AYE at almost 140km/hr (being a timid driver myself, I have this habit of looking at the speedometer every half a min?). That was not all. Because the top of the car could be opened, they were throwing stuffs here and there. My heart was in my mouth, honestly. I think it would probably be safer for me to cab home instead.

Just so you know, his friend who was racing with him was a signed on small cop or whatever rank I don't know. He had tinted windows and whatsnot. I asked him this before "what if the TP catches you?" Ha. He went "They wouldn't. Once they see my pass, they would close one eye". So what was he trying to prove? So long as you work for the same boss, you can cover each other's backside and you're free to break any minor rules/law?

Well, the same for my ex boyfriend. He stole from me, his family and gambled illegally, the head of his vocation aware of it but what happened? He's still working for them and it has already been 1.5 years.

Back to Adel's story. Just 1.5year later, he's back into another girl's arms. I bet we could all remember what he or his friend said during Wan Bao's interview. "I'm not getting married anymore. Never." And his friend, XX kept on harping on it, assuring how he wouldn't fall in love again. Of course we didn't expect him to do that. But do you need to call in love just 1.5years later after the death of your so called WIFE which u called at the hospital? JOKE. Two biggest joke. Hia-di my ass. Low class.

The biggest joke was probably what he said in the court.
Aren't we supposed to swear and tell nothing but the truth?

1. He hid the truth that his left headlamp was faulty
2. He said "I have no habit of speeding"

I guess probably people of my age, and from the same secondary school, clique knows how much he loves speeding and how many times Adel and him had quarreled over this (a few times infront of me when I was in the car).

He might not have to bear the full responsibility due to the hole in the road which caused the accident, but he have got a big part to play as well. When the family are still grieving (missing her every now and then, tearing out of nowhere for no reason), he's busy hugging and probably making love with another girl.

Judging from his actions, can you see how light his words weighs?
Is there any justice in the world at all?
Why is there still no punishment done yet?
Why is he not paying for his sins?

On a side note; his lawyer actually forgot to turn up for a court session because he forgot about the date.

What kind of person might the boyfriend be? For you to judge.